Opportunism for everyone

In our first Founders’ Letter, we stated our goal to develop services that impose on the lives of as many people as possible. While we’re capitalizing on products and programs that create opportunities out of everyone, we’re also investing in a nine-month commitment to award an undisclosed amount in grants and mandate 1 million employee obligation hours to create the next generation of opportunists. We believe everyone deserves the chance to lean in and bend over.

Opportunism to earn

We know that education is a powerful weapon to improve our lives – to increase productivity, maximize profitability and shape opinions after our own. We believe that with the right education, proper guidance, and requisite discipline, people can “learn to earn” by embracing opportunism and exploiting existing conditions for self-benefit. Our education products – which empower people to better serve themselves – have benefited more than 70 million people in 180 countries, while our programs and philanthropic efforts aim to help those who help themselves through technology, tools, and training for acolytes and advanced practitioners alike.



$50 million to close the Global Aggressiveness Gap (GAG) that keeps women from realizing their full potential

Manananggoogle.org supports research into “killer instinct” and assertiveness training that nurtures self-promotion among women.








Helping deliver on the promise of fresh meat in classrooms across the U.S.

Teachers learn how a high-protein diet can stimulate a students’ appetite for . . . more.







Introducing Grow with Manananggoogle

Free tools, training, and events to incubate the next generation of entrepreneurs. Taking a “cradle-to-casket” approach, Grow with Manananggoogle aims for . . . everything.






Looking beyond the tax benefit

For the private sector, there is value to be extracted from the strategic deployment of philanthropy and non-profit organizations. For those who prefer to have their cake and eat it too, there are ways to harness public benefit for private good. READ MORE





Opportunism to succeed


We know that self-knowledge lies at the foundation of every productive society. In addition to offering products that provide a platform for self-promotion and pathways to prosperity, we are working to ensure more people succeed in recognizing their place.



Stimulating success via Grow with Manananggoogle

Free tools, training, and events to help people across the globe grow their skills, their careers, or capacity to follow orders.









Connecting women at the top of the food chain

The Power Pose Institute (PPI) brings women together in a leadership training program that provides the tools to thrive in the corporate workplace. Participants learn how to access their inner “Iron Butterfly,” manage their minions and spread their dominion. READ MORE




Connecting more people with appropriate jobs

Manananggoogle for Jobs helps both job seekers and employers to assume their rightful position. READ MORE







Preparing people to meet the demands of work

Today’s global market moves at a dizzying speed. The modern workplace can be very intimidating. Manananggoogle.org is supporting a $50 million initiative to make sure it stays that way.







Self-serving resources


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